Additional Dental Specialties

Paediatric Dentistry

Post CCST GSTT Job Description:

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 Pre CCST Barts Health Job Description:

 Microsoft Office document icon pre_ccst_split_barts_cds_post_may_2020_final.doc

 Post CCST Barts Health Job Description:

Microsoft Office document icon post-ccst_str_post_may_2020.doc

Pre CCST Kings College Job Description:

Microsoft Office document icon paed_den_jd_str_2020_kch.doc


Restorative Dentistry

Microsoft Office document icon cuh_str_job_description.doc 1.43 MB

GSTT 2020 :

PDF icon rest_str_jd_gstt_and_lkss_2020.pdf 161.35 KB

Eastman/UCLH 2020:

Microsoft Office document icon str_rest_dent_-_eastman_jd_8.5.20.doc 255 KB


Oral Pathology

Job description UCLH:

Microsoft Office document icon oral_pathologyjd.doc

Person specification:

PDF icon oral_pathology_ps.pdf


Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology

Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology GSTT 2020 : 

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Oral and Maxilofacial Pathology

* Pending 


Oral Surgery


Microsoft Word Document icon Oral Surgery JD GSTT 2020.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 159 kB (163328 bytes)


Microsoft Office document icon oral_surgery_jd_kch_2020.doc

Oral Surgery Eastman/UCLH 2020

Microsoft Office document icon oral_surgery_jd_eastman_2020.doc