Careers Planning E-Modules 

The Careers Unit in partnership with E-learning fro Health has developed an e-learning programme to help healthcare professionals, in the early stages of their careers, make informed career choices and effective applications for future career steps.

The programme will provide learners with a deeper level of understanding of how to ensure future career planning is informed, realistic and robust.  The programme also supports learners to compile a distinctive, thorough personal portfolio of research and reflections contained in a downloadable workbook, that can be utilised for job applications and interviews.

The programme is designed to encourage exploration of career options, within healthcare, to support healthcare professionals to achieve their career goals.  Courses have been developed for specific professions as follows:

Career Planning for Foundation Doctors

Career Planning for Core Doctors

Career Planning for Pharmacists

Career Planning for Health Care Scientists (Coming Soon)

Supporting Career Conversations for Educators

The programme is based around five sessions, with the first being an introduction to each course and the remaining sessions concentrating on the four stage SCAN career planning model: Self-awarenessCareer explorationArriving at your decision and Next steps

Each course within the programme is accompanied by a downloadable workbook in which learners can undertake some of the exercises helping to create a record and reflections of career planning which can be used to support applications.

For more information about the programme visit: