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Outpatient work



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Inpatient work



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Exposure prone procedures


Most anaesthetic procedures are not classified as exposure prone.

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Anaesthetists form the largest single hospital medical specialty and their skills are used in all aspects of patient care. Whilst the perioperative anaesthetic care of the surgical patient is the core of specialty work many anaesthetists have a much wider scope of practice which may include:


· The preoperative preparation of surgical patients

· The resuscitation and stabilisation of patients in the Emergency Department

· Pain relief in labour and obstetric anaesthesia

· Intensive care medicine

· Transport of acutely ill and injured patients

· Pre-hospital emergency care

· Pain medicine including:

o The relief of post-operative pain

o Acute pain medicine and the management of acute teams

o Chronic and cancer pain management

· The provision of sedation and anaesthesia for patients undergoing various procedures outside the

operating theatre. Examples of this include different endoscopic procedures, interventional radiology and dental surgery

Good hand eye coordination


Good vision and hearing


Use of fine and gross motor skills


Repetitive upper limb movements with wrists in awkward and hyperextend positions requiring precision and strength


Ability to sustain concentration and posture for prolonged periods







Requirement to work long days and/or shift work




Ability to wear surgical gloves for long periods

May present difficulties for doctors with visual acuity or hearing problems not adequately corrected with aids.

May present difficulty for doctors with advanced/arthritic bone conditions of the hands which limits manual dexterity




May present difficulties for doctors with undue fatigue

May present difficulties for doctors with underlying musculoskeletal limitations i.e. low back pain.


May present problems for doctors suffering from psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety


May present difficulties for doctors with hand dermatitis/skin problems