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Details/Health and Safety Indicators

Inpatient work



See general inpatient work


The following specialist activities require:

Good manual dexterity, bimanual fine skills, and good hand eye coordination

May present difficulty for doctors with advanced/arthritic bone conditions of the hands which limits dexterity



Neonatal chest drains/needle thoracocentesis


Cranial ultrasound scan


Insertion of intraosseous needle


Insertion of percutaneous long line


Abdominal paracentesis


Use of wrists in hyperextended or flexed position



Arterial blood sampling


Umbilical artery and venous cannulation and venesection


Capillary blood sampling

Collection of blood from central lines


Exchange transfusion (full and partial)


Administer intradermal, subcutaneous intramuscular and intravenous injections




Advanced Paediatric Life Support (includes ability to perform external chest compressions)

Requires use of both upper limbs and substantial application of force, repetition and awkward movements and adopting awkward postures. May require ability to sustain life support for long periods


May present problems for doctors with musculoskeletal conditions especially neck and lower back






Lumbar puncture and ventricular cerebrospinal fluid puncture





Urethral catheter insertion and supra-pubic aspiration of urine




Tracheal intubation and techniques of artificial ventilation for all gestations