Less Than Full Time Training

The intention of less than full time training (LTFT) is to keep doctors in training where full-time training is not practical for well-founded individual reasons. This supports doctors who wish to train part-time, while remaining as close as possible to the arrangements for doctors working full-time and may differ only that it will take proportionately longer to complete.

Please see the link below for the LTFT funding Policy update.

LTFT funding policy update


Submitting Applications

The application form is now one online form rather than separate paper eligibility and approval forms.

  • LTFT trainees will only need to apply once to train LTFT and will no longer need to complete an approval form upon each rotation.
  • LTFT trainees will only need to complete a new LTFT form, on returning to full time work or increasing/decreasing the number of sessions they are working.
  • TPDs and medical staffing and finance at trusts will no longer need to sign approval forms.
  • No signatures are required on the online application form.
  • The process will be the same for both London and KSS trainees, there will no longer be different forms to fill in for London and KSS placements.


Frequently asked questions have been created to answer the majority of straightforward LTFT questions immediately and are listed here

Should the frequently asked questions not answer your question, you can submit an enquiry through the portal which will be responded to within 5 working days. To submit an enquiry please click onto any of the FAQs and submit a query at the bottom of the FAQ.


Future applications will be managed via the LTFT section of the trainee support portal.

The application form for Dental speciality can be found here.

The application form for Medical and Public Health specialities can be found here.


For GP Trainee Less than Full Time Guidance please click here.