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Multi-professional Faculty Development London

Excellence in clinical education requires a well trained and well motivated faculty of clinical teachers.


Faculty Development (London) sits within the Professional Development Team working on behalf of NHSE in pursuit of professional development and educational excellence by:

  • Developing the educational expertise of clinical educators across the health care professions
  • Producing a range of targeted faculty development educational resources for clinical teachers
  • Promoting educational research in healthcare education


Faculty Development offers a free service providing a single point of access to a range of resources and development opportunities for our educational network in London. Our service focuses on the needs of Educators and Supervisors within the NHS.

Currently Faculty Development offers free:

  • Learning Resources for Educators and Supervisors
  • Courses and workshops
  • Access to a supervisor feedback tool; Multisource Feedback Tool (MSF)
  • Differential attainment resources

Our resources are available to all Healthcare Professionals. Our courses and workshops offer clear set criteria for applicants so we can best suit the needs of the learner. Please check these before applying.


Meet the team

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Helen Foster                                     Dr Rupal Shah                         Dr. Melanie Sayer

Associate Education Lead              Associate Dean                       Associate Dean


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