Head of School

Dr Jonathan Round, Paediatric Intensivist, Reader in Clinical Education, Head of London School of Paediatrics.

Jonathan qualified from Oxford and then King’s College in 1990 and was appointed as Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics and Consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care at St George’s in 2002. He became a Reader in Clinical Education in 2011, served as Children’s Clinical Director 2012-2015 and became a Training Programme Director for the London School of Paediatrics in 2011. Following serving as Director of Medical Education 2015-2019 at St George’s, he was appointed to be the Head of the London School of Paediatrics from April 2019.

Jonathan’s clinical work is in Paediatric Intensive Care and Paediatric Cardiology.

His unit manages children with a wide range of intensive care problems, specialising in oncology, neurology and surgical causes of critical illness. His cardiology practise sees him managing a wide range of referral issues across the spectrum of ages.

He is lead for Paediatric Education at the St George’s, University of London and has published numerous articles and an award winning book in medical education and paediatrics. He works closely with the e-Learning unit developing educationally useful technologies. His research is in medical error, virtual patients and their use in education, in paediatric oncology, and in clinical system design.

His vision is to see the best possible outcomes and experience for patients and families through improving medical education. His passion is to train the next generation of health care professionals to be better than their predecessors.



Deputy Heads of School

Dr Ruth Shephard is a Consultant Neonatologist. Neonatology working at Epsom and St Helier University Trust and works in a subspecialty of paediatrics which focuses primarily on the medical needs of newborn babies, or neonates.

She is committed to teaching and training doctors and other members of the multi-disciplinary team. Dr Shephard was RCPCH Tutor for several years. She is a Training Programme Director (TPD) for South London responsible for organising the ST1-3 Paediatrics Programme.

Dr Anne Opute is a neonatologist based at Royal London Hospital.  Her TPD role is primarily on the ST678 programme where she supports trainees from North Central & East London who are at ST678 level with their placements and training pathways.  She is also responsible for managing the GRID trainees in London.


London is the biggest School of Paediatrics in the UK and we have more than a thousand trainees, training in 32 trusts across the city.  Our ST1-5 trainees are divided into 3 sector-based programmes – South London (SL), North West London (NWL) and North Central and East London (NCEL).Our ST678 trainees are within a single programme across the whole of London ie there is a single pan-London programme.

You will spend the first 5 or so years of your training based in a particular sector.  However you will always primarily be a London trainee.  As a London trainee you will have access to a wide range of educational opportunities which we offer to all our trainees.  For instance, we have a fantastic Simulation programme and even though it is delivered in various trusts across London, any of our trainees can attend regardless of where they are working.   Likewise we have a large number of courses and exam support opportunities – again, any trainee can attend those irrespective of where they work.


Our vision for the London School of Paediatrics is:

  • World class education for world-class healthcare
  • Excellence of postgraduate training and education
  • Producing clinical leaders of tomorrow

Specialty units / Specialty areas in London information

Paediatrics is a vital and competitive specialty that evolves with the latest advances in medical technology. We provide training at world-renowned training institutions including University College Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare and King's College Hospital, as well as a number of excellent district general hospitals. Working with a diverse healthcare population across London, trainees will treat a cross-range of patients and medical conditions in urban communities.

Specialty Advisory Group or Pan London Forum information

The London Specialty School of Paediatrics hosts various sub committee groups which focus on issues of mutual interest across the LPs. This allows them to foster and share good practice through the Specialty School.

Conference information

The London Specialty School of Paediatrics runs a conference for trainees on an approximately annual basis.  Details about conferences can be found at

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