Considering a Year out of training (FY3 and other options)

Why take an F3?    

The benefits to taking time out of training include the opportunity to travel, build skills and knowledge through clinical or non-clinical work, further explore career options, boost CV and take a break for your wellbeing from study. 

Deciding to take an F3 can be for a variety of reasons - To gain key skills and experience for a speciality application, prepare audits, research, posters, take or retake exams, post-graduate study and travel/recharge your batteries after Foundation/Core training to name a few. The F3 year is increasingly becoming a popular option, this article shows how quickly the popularity has grown over recent years. 

What are my options? Examples of F3 activities are

  • Clinical fellowships
  • Teaching fellowships
  • Working abroad


  • Higher education 
  • Anatomy demonstrator 
  • Volunteering



Important information for all doctors out of training

 Revalidation and updating your portfolio while taking time out of training (add more) 

  • In order to continue practising as a doctor, you will need to keep your GMC registration and licence to practise.
  • If you’re going straight into a training programme (GP or specialty) you can find all you need to know here
  • As a doctor, you are responsible for ensuring that you do everything needed to revalidate and maintain your licence to practise medicine.

The following resources/links will highlight key considerations and information to enable you to effectively plan an F3/GAP year that meets your personal and professional needs

General F3/GAP resources compiled by Medics

Plan my F3

The Adventure Medic

Messly F3 Resource Hub



Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM) Fellowship

Digital Pioneer Fellowship 

TopolProgramme Digital Fellowships 

NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Training Programme 

Darzi Fellowship in Clinical Leadership 

Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) Scholars programme 

Next Generation GP Programme 


Work & travel abroad

Working abroad as a doctor (BMA)

Working as a doctor in Australia (BMA)

Workign as a doctor in New Zealand (BMA)

Working as a doctor in United States (BMA)

Working as a doctor in Canada (BMA)


Examinations support

Exam Preparation worskhop (PSU)

Stress & Examinations  workshop (PSU)


Non-training clincial jobs (staff grade & locum)

Locum SAS roles (BMA)


Further study

Post-graduate course search

Post-graduate funding



Volunteering abroad as a doctor (BMA)


Non-Clinical jobs

Medic Footprints

Non-medical CV's and cover letters

Alternative careers for Doctors



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