Additional Resources

Helpful reading

Reading About The Consultation

  • The Doctor's Communication Handbook; Peter Tate
  • The New Consultation - An approach to learning and teaching
    Pendleton, Schofield, Tate and Havelock
  • The trainee's companion to general practice; Rosenthal, Naish and Lloyd
    Chapter by Dick Savage "Communication in practice" 
  • The Inner Consultation; Roger Neighbour
  • Doctors Talking to Patients; Patrick Byrne and Barrie Long
  • Family Medicine; FJA Huygen and To Heal or to Harm; Richard Grol
  • Culture, Health and Illness; Cecil Helman
  • Problems with patients: managing complicated transactions. Norton, K. and Smith, S. Cambridge University Press, 1994.pp. 1-174 

Reading on Culture and Language

  • Skills for Communicating with Patients, Silverman, Kurtz, Draper. Radcliffe
  • Practical English Usage, (3rd Edition), Michael Swan. Oxford University Press
  • Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach, Scollon and Scollon. Blackwell
  • New Headway Pronunciation course (Upper-intermediate/Advanced) with CD, Bowler and Cunningham. Oxford
  • Consulting: Communication skills for GPs in Training (DVD set) West Midlands Deanery
  • Effective consulting DVD Peter Tate






  • Professional Support Unit (PSU) offers a range of bespoke services for the development of healthcare professionals in London. To access a full list of these services, please visit the PSU website
  • RCGP resources
  • Medical Royal Colleges To access a list of individual Royal Colleges by specialty
  • Skills Cascade is a collection of resources that has been setup by East Anglia Communication Skills Cascade facilitators to promote and support the teaching of communication skills in health care. This website has been made possible by the support of Health Education East of England and the content contributed by the document authors.
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