Relocation process - April 2018

Since 1st April 2018, the employing NHS Trust administers and funds the relocation and excess travel costs for all junior doctors on Health Education England, London and the South East training programmes.

Why did this process change?

To give a better service and experience for trainees:

  • Payment via HEE caused tax issues for trainees
  • Align nationally - by moving approvals and payment to Trusts, this will align nationally and simplify process for trainees moving between regions.
  • Quicker reimbursement for trainees - previous process was slow for trainees to be reimbursed due to volume of queries in the region.


KSS trainees and London trainees

Both eligibility and claims are managed by the Employing Trust. Trainees are advised to contact their Employing Trust to claim for relocation expenses.

Trust relocation contacts may be found via this link:


The Eligibility of Doctors in training based in East of England Regional Training Posts 

When a doctor in training is employed in the Health Education England, East of England’s region they will fall under Health Education England’s EoE’s relocation guidelines and policies. The final eligibility decision, which includes the decision on the base hospital used for calculating excess travel, will be determined by Health Education England EoE’s Relocation policy. Trainees should contact the East of England Relocation Team with all queries relating to their eligibility for relocation, excess travel and continuing commitments costs, whilst employed in a training post within the East of England region, as below: