Working in Primary care

An essential guide to working as a GP in London, put together to help you develop your working arrangements. Click through the relevant profile below for tailored information.

New GPs

This is the recommended sequence for establishing yourself as a GP in London:

  1. Register your status with the Performers List
  2. If you trained outside of the UK, see the GP Induction and Refresher Scheme
  3. Ensure you have Health Information and Mandatory Training certificates
  4. If working as a Locum, register as Self-Employed For Tax Purposes and ensure you make Pension contributions. Set up Class 2 National Insurance Contributions
  5. If working as a Salaried GP or Partner review the BMA contract checking services
  6. Review Appraisal & Ravalidation arrangements and explore Mentoring
  7. Contact your local GP Education Team for support and information regarding education events
  8. Obtain an NHS Email Account through your local LOA to allow you to send secure confidential work-related emails
  9. Contact Information Officer at NHS cluster, Clinical Commissioning Group and your Locality for email updates
  10. Local Medical Committee (LMC) for employment support
  11. Familiarise yourself with Commissioning.


Locum GPs

Essential information for working as a locum in London:

  • Performers List – make sure you keep your contact details up to date
  • Employment – finding work and arranging terms and conditions
  • Finance / Pension – advice on managing finances and pensions
  • Health Information – certificates required for working and support at times of illness
  • Mandatory Training – regular updating required
  • Appraisal & Revalidation – make sure you have your appraisal annually
  • Commissioning – Familiarise yourself with the process.


Salaried General Practitioners

Essential information for working as a salaried GP in London:

  • Performers List - make sure you keep your contact details up to date
  • BMA – for contract checking service
  • LMC Sessional GP Representative – contact yours with employment issues
  • Sessional GP email list – contact your local IT Helpdesk to add your email address


GP Partner

Essential information for working as a GP Partner in London:

  • Performers List – make sure you keep your contact details up to date
  • Leadership Centre – running a practice: examples of best practice & much more


Other Useful Information

Professional educational support:

  • Career matters: Maternity, Retirement and extended career break – useful information, advice and support for transitional stages of your working life.
  • Self directed GP learning groups – small groups that give peer support and discussion in all areas of working.
  • Mentoring and Coaching – a way of optimising your career and professional performance especially for those who are facing decisions or problems through personal development with a mentor.

Primary care development:

  • Health and Wellbeing boards – what they are and there in the future working with commissioning boards.
  • Health innovation and education clusters (HIEC’s) will be transitioning into LETB’s to co-ordinate provision of education/training/research through working with health providers, commissioners, academics and industry.
  • LMC - provides representation, guidance and support to GPs and practice teams in the London wide area