Leading through Education for Excellent Patient Care (LEEP

The LEEP course is a NEW interactive Leadership course that has been developed by HEE London. It will be delivered in local NHS Trusts, Primary Care and HEE London, is suitable for all NHS staff and is complimentary to leadership training in organisations. The course is delivered over 4 webinars and participants will learn through sharing their experiences and understanding of concepts in discussions and gain practical experience of positive change with a quality improvement project. The course is approved and free to access for London postgraduate medical trainees, and other Leadership courses will only be funded if LEEP is unavailable. For further information, please Click here

Email: LEEP@hee.nhs.uk

NEW GP Supervisor Course From late 2022 the new GP Supervisors Course will be mandatory for all GPs who wish to become educational supervisors, or a placement named clinical supervisors in primary care. This includes those wanting to be the educational supervisor of GPs in specialty training (aka a GP trainer) or the named clinical supervisor for GP STs or foundation doctors in clinical placements in general practice.  Email:
Introduction to Clinical Education and Training This free, two or three day course is for educators from any primary care background who are new to a training and/or supervisory role and who want to support and assess learners in practice. It is also open to experienced educators who want to develop faculty and/or deliver supervision skills courses in their own localities. Email:
Supporting Neurodiversity

This series of workshops from the Professional Development Team will provide an opportunity for supervisors and educators to develop their understanding of neurodiversity and consider ways to support trainees who may be neurodiverse.

Differential Attainment Workshops This Differential Attainment workshops are based on the developmental needs Educators have expressed to the Professional Support Unit, around issues thought to be important in Differential Attainment (DA). Email:

F2 Conference for Established GP Supervisors

A one day conference for established GP F2 supervisors


GP Clinical Supervisor Training for the NHS England Clinical Pharmacist in General Practice

This free, half-day workshop is aimed at GP supervisors across London and South East, who are acting as clinical supervisors for clinical pharmacists, working in general practice as part of the NHS England programme.


Introduction to Teaching Out of Hours (ITTOOH)

A one day programme available to London GPs with an interest in education who wish to supervise specialty trainees in an out of hours setting.


The Learning Lunch - new perspectives in medical education

A series of virtual lunchtime seminars to promote discussion and reflection amongst educators in primary and secondary care.

Narrative-based Medicine Workshop for Supervisors

For Educational Supervisors from any specialty in London and South East (KSS)

The workshop will cover the following themes:

  • The role of narrative in the consultation
  • What narrative adds to the biomedical model
  • Techniques and approaches that will help you to support your trainees develop their narrative practice

Email: facultydevelopment.lase@hee.nhs.uk


The Human Dimension of Supervision This half-day workshop is open to educational supervisors in London and KSS.  
We will
- Reflect on our work as supervisors and what makes us flourish
- Challenge formulaic conceptions of capabilities/ competences that may not reflect changing cultural
and societal norms
- Consider how formative assessment might be collaborative, exploring the learner’s thought
processes, decision making, values and assumptions
- Introduce the idea of Creative Enquiry
- Explore conceptions and formation of professional identity

Email: facultydevelopment.lase@hee.nhs.uk

Identity and Inclusion Workshop

This virtual workshop is available to all primary and secondary care educators in London and the South East (KSS)

The workshop covers the following themes:

  • Common types of bias -why our judgements are not as objective as we may think they are
  • How to mitigate against the effects of bias
  • Causes of differential attainment
  • Identity and stereotype threat
  • Inclusion
Bullying and Harassment Workshop for Medical Education Leads and Supervisors A fully interactive, new, free half-day workshop to share experiences and consider how we might prevent, respond to and support learners/supervisors affected by Bullying & Harassment in our workplaces. facultydevelopment.lase@hee.nhs.uk