Integrated Academic Training (ACFs and CLs)

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) supports doctors and dentists in pursuing an academic clinical career through the award of funding for ACF (Academic Clinical Fellow) and CL (Clinical Lecturer) posts. Awards are made to partnerships, which consist of medical schools/higher education institutions and NHS Trusts. Awards use clinical training opportunities on current GMC approved programmes. London’s ability to take up awards is dependent on clinical capacity within specialties. NIHR insists that recruitment to all awards must be conducted via HEE regions as academic trainees receive training numbers and run through training rights. Once in programme, London academic trainees are administratively managed on a day–to-day basis by the Integrated Academic Training Team. London is granted approximately 35% of the national NIHR awards (England) issued annually. At any one time in London programmes there are around 450 ACFs and CLs (figure fluctuates according to the time of year)