Sports and Exercise Medicine Training Scheme (SEM)


Welcome to the London deanery programme for specialty training in Sport and Exercise Medicine. The Training Scheme in SEM offers a comprehensive and structured training programme for Specialist Registrars seeking the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

SEM is a specialty founded on the disease and wellness models of medicine and provides a holistic and effective means of addressing the population health challenges of tomorrow. SEM specialists require a broad range of clinical skills for dealing with medical illness in those who wish to exercise, as well as for treatment of musculoskeletal pathology. SEM specialists have the specialised skills necessary for the emergency treatment of such problems and the ongoing management of injuries. SEM training skills and knowledge crosses over with other specialist areas such as general practice, orthopaedics, emergency medicine, rheumatology, rehabilitation medicine, physiotherapy and neurology. This enables a rewarding, varied and unique career working with all age groups across primary, secondary and tertiary clinical settings as well as on the sports field.

We aim to set and sustain the highest standards of education, training and assessment in all aspects of sports and exercise medicine. Training is based around both the experience gained from attachments and from a programme of training days. Each attachment provides experience in the core areas of Sport and Exercise Medicine. Out of Programme (OOP) experience to other centres may be arranged on an individual basis to provide experience in specialist areas not fully covered within individual programmes.



The vision for the Specialty School of Sport and Exercise medicine is:

•             World class education for world-class healthcare

•             Excellence of postgraduate training and education

•             Producing clinical leaders of tomorrow


Training programme

A PAN London STC manages appointments to the rotations and oversees quality of training. Once appointed trainees are allocated to a geographical London region (South Thames London and North Thames London). When preferencing a sector / rotation, applicants should be prepared to train in all the trusts stated during the programme. Working with a diverse healthcare population across London, trainees will treat a cross-range of patients and medical conditions in urban communities. London with its rich variety of cultures, nationalities and social backgrounds offers any trainee a full and rewarding experience in Sport and Exercise medicine.

Specialty training in SEM will help to develop the specific competencies required to practise independently and will provide physicians with the ability to investigate, treat and diagnose patients with acute and chronic medical symptoms, and with high quality review skills for managing inpatients and outpatients. While the training programme includes obligatory "core" knowledge and skills, the flexibility within the training programme allows the trainee to pursue areas of special interest. SEM physicians will therefore have a variety of areas of special expertise to satisfy the diversity of needs within the community.

All trainees have both clinical and educational supervisors who provide clinical supervision and educational mentorship. Training programmes are designed to ensure training in all aspects of the curriculum. 


Specialty Training Board Information

The London Specialty School of Sport and Exercise Medicine holds Specialty Training Board meetings three times per year. The purpose of this group is to bring together specialty leads from postgraduate medical training programmes across the three London local education and training board areas to consider issues of mutual interest in relation to SEM training, and to foster and share good training practice on a pan London basis.


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