Out Of Programme

Subject to the formal agreement of the Dean, SpRs and StRs may take time out from structured training whilst retaining a National Training Number (NTN). Trainees will need to get formal approval from the Postgraduate Dean and discuss their plans with their Training Programme Director (TPD) and Educational Supervisor.

Periods out of programme may count towards the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) - this should be discussed with the Specialty Training Committee (STC) Chair and the relevant college.

Please note: If you are a trainee interested in OOP information for General Practice, you will need to see the GP Time Out of Programme (OOP) webpage in the Specialty training for General Practice section for the relevant documentation and guidelines.

Full details of out of programme guidance can be found in sections 6.75 to 6.96 of the ‘Gold Guide’ 2014. This can be downloaded from the COPMeD website: www.copmed.org.uk

From 9 July 2020, there is now an online form. Further information about the current OOP Application process please refer to the  OOP Trainee Guidance July 2020 below.

For more information on Out of Programme Pause please visit here.