Differential Attainment (DA)

Differential attainment is the unexplained variation in attainment between groups who share a protected characteristic and those who do not share the same characteristic, for example, ethnicity, gender and disability.  

We have an array of resources on this webpage which may be helpful for educators and for trainees who want to understand more about DA and to close the gap in attainment.

The DA Toolkit can be adapted for local use, in conjunction with the podcasts we have created. In addition, the Professional Support Unit is running a series of workshops around DA in 2021.

DA Toolkit DA Courses  Good Practice Trainee Stories

Other Sources of peer support for UK based doctors include:

Autistic Doctors International

CamDocUK(Association of Cameroonian Doctors in the UK)

APPNE ( Association of Pakistani Physicians of Northern Europe)

BAPIO (British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin)

Home (acmedicalmentors.co.uk) (Afro Caribbean Medical Mentors)

Catholic Medical Association

Christian Medical Fellowship

Disabled Doctors' Network (DDN)

DDN Resources

Doctors' Support Group

GLADD (Gay & Lesbian Doctors and Dentists Association)

Jewish Medical Association

MANSAG (Medical Association of Nigerians across Great Britain)

Muslim Doctors' Association

Medical Women's Federation

Sikh Doctors & Dentists Association

Women in Surgery