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School of Public Health


Public Health School is wishing you safe Christmas and Happy New Year!


Recruitment is about to open! 

Are you interested in coming to London as a Public Health Registrar in August 2022?  

We offer comprehensive ST1 training in a wide range of London local authorities where you can experience some of the greatest deprivation in the country alongside some of the greatest levels of wealth. Our local authority placements are very well supported by Educational Supervisors who are all accredited with us and attend regular ES meetings to keep up to date and in touch. Many of them are leaders in their own fields of interest and support registrars in developing innovative and exciting areas of work during training.  

You will be able to work alongside experienced educational supervisors and later in training have access to central government (including The UK Health Security Agency, The Office for Health Improvement and Disparities), think tanks, charities, and regional government alongside being able to access more senior work later in training in NHS trust and local authorities. We have an excellent record of academic placements too, with London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Imperial College London and University College London.  

Being in London means that not only do you have access to first rate and often prestigious institutions you are in the centre of England’s capital and all that goes on here. sometimes that works out differently to how you think, or you have choices to make that you need help with. Our Training Programme Director team will be on hand to support you through training, and you will be allocated a TPD on joining us.  

We have an active Registrar group who liaise with the School on feeding back issues and helping often to resolve these where required and are a huge support to people starting out in their public health careers.  

If you think you might be interested and wish to find out more about a career as a Public Health Registrar email the Head of School – Rachel.wells@hee.nhs.uk to request a conversation or to be put in touch with some who can help with any questions you have.  


Rachel Wells

Head of School

School of Public Health London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex


Health Education England, working across London

Stewart House | 32 Russell Square | London | WC1B 5DN


Introduction to London and KSS School of Public Health

The London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex School of Public Health offers a range of exciting opportunities which you might expect with the capital and surrounding areas.  These include access to rural, urban and inner-city areas with local government, with diversity, inequalities and high profile public health at their centre. In addition, we offer experiences at the very centre of government, regional government, world renowned research and academic departments, five health protection teams which include two major airports plus the numerous entry points on the coast within our area. 


London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex is illustrated by the dark blue patch towards the right hand base of the UK. If you are unfamiliar with the area, we suggest you check out the places you are interested in and the travel times from where you live or are planning to live.

The School has more than 120 trainees, and presently offers programmes at prestigious teaching centres across our area.


How is the School governed?

We have a Head of School, Rachel Wells, who works with an experienced team of Training Programme Directors who cover the School’s geography. You will be allocated to a TPD on arrival in the school and we do our best for you to remain with that person throughout your training. Each TPD has a key workstream to support and a geographical area to cover.

The Head of School reports to the Postgraduate Dean for Public Health and key decisions are brought to the School Board which meets quarterly.

An essential element of the role of the School is to ensure that good quality training is provided for those on the programme and also in developing public health training more broadly. Part of the role of the School involves working with other partners like Public Health England and new training environments to develop public health training that is fit for the future.

Each placement has an Educational Supervisor who is accredited by the School to ensure that quality support is available, and all ES are invited to attend meetings for updates and CPD on educational and supervision support.


Starting out in LKSS

In LKSS all initial placements are in local authorities for all trainees, the MSc is in second year for those that require it. During your first year you will also be inducted to your health protection team, and then spend a more extensive period with them usually after your first year. Some of these arrangements have been adapted to take account of the demand of Coronavirus work.

Once you start we usually hold a week-long induction where you get to know each other, your TPDs and other people in the system. This year this was a remote arrangement due to Coronavirus, and although this went well, we hope to meet you in person in 2021!


To find out more about training in Public Health, please visit:

 The UK's Faculty of Public Health: www.fph.org.uk

Curriculum https://www.fph.org.uk/training-careers/specialty-training/curriculum/

Exams https://www.fph.org.uk/training-careers/the-diplomate-dfph-and-final-membership-examination-mfph/


Lead Employer information

All trainees within London and KSS are employed by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. All employment related enquiries (such as contracts, HR) should be made to them: imperial.publichealth@nhs.net

Our lead employer will be moving from Imperial to Royal Free from the 1st of April 2021.


Existing Public Health Registrars

All existing registrars are able to raise issues with TPDs, or the HEE team who support the School. Most queries regarding the  practicalities can be made via the Portal https://lasepgmdesupport.hee.nhs.uk/support/home


Career and educational decisions regarding placements, OOP, support for personal or training issues should be made to your TPD.

All registrars can escalate to the Head of School if an issue cannot be resolved.


Public Health Training Days 

Training Days 

Using the Portal

Many queries and submission of forms can be made via the dedicated Portal https://lasepgmdesupport.hee.nhs.uk/support/home

Most of the documents you are likely to need can be found here.

TPD touch points

Introduced in 2020 for new arriving registrars the touch points have proved to be helpful in supporting each other and discussion over the clarifications. This has been particularly important during the Pandemic where everyone begun working remotely and did not have a chance to meet in person.

Your TPD share contact details directly with their Registrars and each has a specific workstream for a lead area, these include:

  • Academic lead
  • Educational Supervisor Development
  • Placement Quality
  • Supporting Return to Training

TPD Recruitment



Supporting the wider workforce

Rachel Wells plays a pivotal role as Head of school and Health of the Academy of Public health. The aim of the Academy of Public Health is to broaden the purpose and role of public health education and development into the wider public health workforce, whilst supporting those currently and potentially working within core public health workforce.

The Academy delivers a range of programmes which include integrating public health into specialty medical education and training, developing public health skills and knowledge in primary care and public health practitioner development.


Public Health Practitioner (PHP) Development

The Academy is responsible for the professional development of Public health Practitioners (PHPs) within London.  PHPs can work within the full breadth of public health from health improvement and health protection, to health information, community development, and service delivery. PHPs work within a wide range of settings from the NHS and local government to the voluntary, and private sectors. Their development includes voluntary registration on the UKPHR practitioner register, but also nurturing their talent and promoting entry points into the workforce. This strategy sets out our work in this area, which is done in partnership with HEE, PHE and a range of stakeholders. If you would like to know more please contact Lori Atim.


Useful Links to Academy Work

Trauma Informed Systems in Kent

Academy of Public Health Knowledge Hub

Toolkit to embed public health into paediatric education and training

Paper outlining cross-professional learning between public health and psychiatry trainees


Contact details:

Programme Lead: Lara Hogan

Programme Manager: Lori Atim

Public Health Practitioner Scheme Coordinator: Samantha Gentry-Marshall