North London Anaesthetic Programme 


The North London Anaesthetic Programme comprises of 3 excellent rotations, the North East, North Central and North West rotations. Although trainees rotate through their own regions there are many joint activities including joint regional training days, and a joint North London ATM/SIA process.  

Speciality Committee Chair is: 

Dr Chris Sadler who is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Royal London Hospital. 


For more information regarding the North East, North Central and North West Aneasthetic Programmes please access the links below:

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Advanced / Special Interest Area (SIA) Training

The North East, North Central and North West rotations are combining their Advanced/SIA training posts to offer all ST6 and ST7 trainees within the NL Anaesthetic programme the chance to apply for an excellent selection of SIAs across the whole of North London. 

There will now only be one process from 2022 for all North London trainees to follow for ATM/SIA allocations. Posts are either of 6 months or 12 months duration depending on which 2021C SIA group they belong to, and all trainees will need to spend a maximum of one year (whole time equivalent) in advanced training posts to meet curriculum requirements. Posts can be completed in either your ST6 or ST7 year.


If you are a dual trainee, please note that your final Stage 3 ICM year will count as your SIA year (which you don’t have to apply for) in Anaesthetics. ​Unfortunately, dual trainees are not able to do any further SIAs in programme although you could apply for trust specialist anaesthetic fellowships as an OOPE.

If you are applying for advanced/SIA training in Pain, the School runs a separate process for this, currently twice a year. So, February for an August start and August/September for a February start. Please get in touch with the Pain TPD Dr Fauzia Hasnie ( if you are interested in a career in Pain Medicine. 


We will be circulating a booklet each Autumn, which will contain all necessary information including timelines etc. 

Please link below for NL SIA and ATM handbook:

NL SIA handbook

Contact - Lead Training Programme Director
Dr Chris Sadler
Lead Training Programme Director
Contact - Lead Trainee Rep (North London)
Josh Wall
Lead Trainee Rep (North London)