Radiologist With Low Back Pain

Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Dr X is an interventional radiologist in his 50s. He had been experiencing intermittent low back pain for several years but then developed an exacerbation that prevented him from doing his job. He was able to undertake a sedentary role while he was being treated, but was keen to continue to use his specialist skills to treat patients, conscious that a waiting list for treatment was building up. As part of his rehabilitation, an assessment of his working practices and environment was made and the following adjustments were recommended to facilitate this:

He was provided with an alternative lead apron which was much less heavy. An ergonomic assessment of the X-ray treatment suite advised a fully adjustable treatment table. The monitors in the x-ray suite were re-sited to avoid the need to twist whilst giving treatment. He was advised to have breaks between treating cases.  For making entries in the patient notes, he was provided with a suitable desk and chair.