GP ST1 Induction

We are delighted to welcome the new 2021 ST1 GP trainees to Health Education England and congratulations on your success in being allocated to your GP Specialty Training Programme in London.

We are currently planning our GP 2021 induction. This will be delivered remotely and details will be published here.

The next London induction session will be held in August for all new ST1 trainees in North Central and East London, North West London and South London.

These sessions give trainees the best start to their training programme across the London area, providing key information relevant to training and development.

Amongst the speakers are current ST2/ST3 trainees, local Training Programme Directors, GP Trainers, the Heads of Primary Care Education and Development, Operations staff and external speakers.

Various subjects relevant to training are covered, to help trainees to get the most out of their training. There are workshops on effective learning and educational supervision, the shape of a working week, examinations, Out of Programme Experience, Workplace Based Assessments, the GP trainee portfolio, safeguarding & professional support and much more.