How to apply

When it comes to applying to your chosen specialty there is a lot to think about but also a lot of information available to you.

For information about Dental recruitment please visit the COPDEND website and for Foundation recruitment please visit the UKFPO website

Detailed Specialty recruitment information is provided via the applicant handbook this is available on the Specialty Training website.

Consider which specialty you are going to apply to

You will be able to apply to as many specialties as you wish. However we recommend reviewing each specialty that you intend to apply for and limiting your applications to a manageable number.

We recommend that you consider the high level of competition for some specialties and geographies, along with other factors that are important to you. You can get an indication of the popularity of specialties by looking at the competition ratios.

A risk to consider is that if you only apply for one highly competitive specialty and do not receive an offer of training, then you would have to wait until round two or the following year to apply again for a training post or programme.

It is a good idea to consult with senior colleagues, mentors careers advisors etc. about your approach.

In the first instance we recommend that you check your eligibility for your preferred specialty(s) and check the recruitment timeline which will give you all of the key dates and enable you to plan ahead.

Check that you are eligible

You will need to meet all the eligibility criteria and required competences of the post for which you are applying. Please ensure that you check each individual person specification for the role you wish to apply for.

You should use theĀ person specification and application form as guidance. The lead recruiter for the each specialty will usually publish a detailed applicant guide.